JavaScript Options

Option Value Default Description
toggle String, Boolean '- *' CSS selector for the element to be used as toggle. By default, the preceding element is used.
pos String 'bottom-left' Dropdown position.
mode hover | click click,hover Comma separated list of dropdown trigger behaviour modes.
delay-show Number 0 Delay time in hover mode before a Dropdown is shown in ms.
delay-hide Number 800 Delay time in hover mode before a Dropdown is hidden in ms.
boundary CSS selector window Referenced element to keep Dropdown's visibility.
boundary-align Boolean false Align Drop to boundary.
flip false|true|'x'|'y' true Automatic Dropdown flip.
cls String 'uk-dropdown' The Dropdown container class.
offset Number 0 The offset of the Dropdown container.
animation String false The space separated names of animations to use.
duration Number 200 The animation duration.